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CBC Radio Eye Opener

At just three years old Julie asked her mom when she would be able to cook for herself. The quick response was that she could cook for herself when she could read a recipe by herself, and so she went off and learned how to read cookbooks! Julie has loved being in the kitchen ever since. She now writes about it, teaches people how not to be afraid of it, and talks about it every week on CBC radio. Julie has always been interested in the culture of food, what people make at home to feed themselves and each other. Over the years Julie has taught classes, worked in cheese shops, delis, bakeries, restaurants, opened a catering business and then a bakery, and has been writing cookbooks (10 of them now) since her first came out in 2000. Julie writes about food for the Globe and Mail, WestJet Magazine and many other local and national publications. She’s also well known for her popular food blog, dinnerwithJulie.com.