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Duchess Bakeshop

Giselle is the owner of Duchess Bakeshop in Edmonton. The bakery has won numerous awards and was listed on Buzzfeed’s list of bakeries you need to visit before you die. She lives in Edmonton with her husband Jacob, son Benoît and new daughter Rose. Giselle describes herself as a self-taught baker who from an early age was told if she wanted to satisfy her sweet tooth, she had to make it herself from scratch. And so she did and never stopped.


She spent two years — and 200 batches later — just to perfect her macaron recipe; the same recipe that led to her open Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton which also led her to publish The Duchess Bakeshop Cookbook. She has a degree in Art History from the University of Victoria. When she’s not baking or managing the business, she enjoys yearly trips to France and spending time with her family.

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