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Katie Robinson & Garner Beggs


Katie Robinson is a skilled professional in architectural technology and baking. After graduating from NAIT in Architectural Technology in 2008 and SAIT in Baking and Pastry Arts in 2014, she worked in design until 2019. Katie's passion for baking, nurtured since 2008, led her to Duchess Bakeshop in 2017. There, she excelled, eventually becoming a Kitchen Manager. Now, as Head Instructor at Duchess Atelier, she shares her love of baking with others. Katie's favorite part is teaching new recipes, especially during the holiday season.

Garner Beggs, co-founder of Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton, Alberta, was inspired by Tokyo's patisseries during his time there. In 2009, he and Giselle Courteau opened Duchess Bake Shop, now renowned for its French pastries. With over 70 employees, it's a local favorite. Garner's commitment to quality and community is seen in everything from ingredients to his bi-annual gingerbread constructions. He aims to educate others through classes and Provisions, the bakery's retail shop. Actively involved in the community, Garner serves on multiple boards, fostering local businesses. His journey with Duchess Bake Shop reflects his passion for baking and community, making him a respected figure in Edmonton's food scene.

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