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Winnie Chen

Partner & Chef at Fu's Repair Shop

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Winnie Chen is currently a partner and the chef at Fu’s Repair Shop. They were recently named the best new restaurant in Edmonton by Edify magazine, and prior to that, were longlisted in EnRoute magazine as one of Canada’s best new restaurants.


She started cooking professionally when she was 19 years old as a part-time line cook. Food and fashion were two things she has always been passionate about and feels as though that is very much reflected in her food. She learned to respect ingredients and cook in a very uninhibited way by her mentors.


She says she was lucky enough to be taken to a lot of culinary competitions, events and festivals as a young line cook to see the more fun and social side of the art that comes with the more intense but rewarding grind of line work. This is a mindset and culture that apply to the way that she work's and run's her kitchen. 

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